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MMA Sports issue 22 interview exclusive with Annah Barnes . Models Website click here

Elie: What nationality are you?
Annah: German-Swiss, Irish and Spanish (Spain decent).

Elie: How was the photoshoot for MMA Sports?
Annah: So much fun! I’m a free spirit! I had a lot of fun playing dress up & feeling cute. (laughs).

Elie: What does it feel like when you see yourself featured in a magazine?
Annah: Amazing. I feel blessed, proud & honored to be one of the few chosen.

Elie: Who is your favorite MMA fighter?
Annah: I would say Razor Rob because he is my friend, and a good guy.

Elie: What do you enjoy about Mixed Martial Arts?
Annah: It’s an art, dedication, and a whole body workout!

Elie: What would you wear to seduce a man?
Annah: Probably some sexy lil’ lingerie. What guy doesn’t like that? Oh and stiletto’s!

Elie: What’s your sexiest feature?
Annah: My sexiest feature would probably have to be my T&A. Boys love that! (laughs).

Elie: Which MMA fighter would you like to spend 24 hours with and why?
Annah: Urijah Faber. He is a sweetheart and fun to be around.

Elie: Where do you think men go wrong with women?
Annah: Sometime’s too controlling, stubborn, & thee worst is not being faithful!

Elie: What in store for you in future?
Annah: I’m on a reality show for the next playmate of the month. It’s called Playboy Shootout. They had three whole weeks of casting calls. Only picked 10 models out of a 1,000 girls. It was definitely an
experience. So much fun! Comes out fall 2010.


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