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By Mike Denny for MMA Sports. Photography by Josh Hedges, courtesy of Zuffa, LLC.

Mike: Shane first off, congrats on another quick win and welcome to the top 10… could you give us your thoughts on the fight, and on Gabe Gonzaga?
Shane: Thanks for that. The fight was obviously a high pressure evening. Zuffa was testing me, and I like the fact that I was able to show a little bit of my heart. Gonzaga was a beast and I have a ton of respect for his power and heart.

Mike: He caught you with a shot in the first exchange that looked like it may have stunned you a bit, were you hurt at all and were you concerned at all that it went to the ground?
Shane: Nope my coaches (Trevor Wittman and Greg Jackson) showed me what he would do and we worked on getting up from that position. I was surprised by the sweep, but the minute I hit the ground it was like he was my training partner and everything my coaches said would work worked. That builds a ton of confidence when you know this guy can’t hold you down.

Mike: Then when you guys were back on the feet, you laid him out in just over a minute… and that was it "lights out!" Were you surprised at all that the fight ended as fast as it did?
Shane: I can't say I expected to KO Gonzaga, he took guys like Couture into deep, deep waters; I had and have a ton of respect for Gonzaga. I expected and trained for a 3 round war. When that happened it was very surreal and all the emotion and energy you have bottled up erupts from deep inside you. It really is a great feeling, one you can only experience in the octagon.

Mike: what do you think comes next? Is there anyone at Heavyweight that you would like to face?
Shane: Who ever Joe Silva and the UFC think is right. They know I am not some 24 year old kid who needs to get used to the pressure of big lights and stage. I am looking to fight the best, for me I want to leave a legacy behind. I want to do that through fighting nothing but the best fighters in the world. I know the UFC has the same plans for me. Anyone of the top Heavyweights is going to be a tough fight for anyone, I am thankful that the UFC thinks I am worth the effort.

Mike: Personally I feel that you should be one of maybe 2 guys to be considered the #1 contender… how do you feel that you would match up with Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar?
Shane: I am confident that my coaches and teammates can devise a plan to beat anyone in the UFC. I just need to execute the game plan and impose my will. Brock and Mir are great warriors. Mir has shown he can take power shots and stay in the mix with a big guy. Brock is massive, fast and powerful. If I fight either, the clear winner will be the fans and I expect fireworks. Like you said I am a ways from that opportunity, I have a lot to work on, areas I know I can improve. That is my focus to be the best fighter I can be and to face the best. I have faith that if the opportunity comes we will be ready.

Mike: You now have 11 fights, 11 wins... and none of them hitting the 3 minute mark yet. What can we expect from you if a fight ever makes it past the first round?
Shane: I get stronger as the rounds progress. At my age if you can get in and get out with minimal damage you are doing something right. We train at high altitude; we train hard and train for 5 rounds. I am ready when my opponents are.

Mike: Out of all of your fights, do you have one that sticks out as the most memorable?
Shane: Since the nose is still throbbing I will give that memory to Gonzaga.

Mike: And also how did you get involved with Greg Jackson?
Shane: I feel that Tri-Star, T’sKO and Jacksons are all one team and that is how we met at T’sKO.

Mike: I heard that you had a DNA test recently and had some interesting results, could you tell us a little bit more about that?
Shane: I was lucky enough to be invited up to GSP's camp for a total body work up. If you could imagine the scene from Rocky IV with Drago. They had all of this equipment for testing explosiveness, power etc. Warrior roots was there to test our DNA, they tested for an athletic panel (8 athletic genes were tested) and they traced me back to my ancestors. Amazing Stuff!! Check them out at I tested positive for the explosive gene and among other things I found out my ancestors are Saxon Warriors.

Mike: when you are not training or working... what do you like to do?
Shane: Spend time with my wife and son. I love my family, and any time I am with them makes all the sacrifice worth it. I love the outdoors and as my manager Jason Genet will tell you I am a world class Wii Bowler. I have a lot of great friends and support in Colorado, I really am blessed.

Mike: Every fighter has one, so what is you favorite cheat food after a big win?
Shane: I love pizza, but honestly after a big win I just eat everything. I become a disgusting food vacuum for about a week or two after a fight. Since I have so much learning to do I am almost always in training mode, maybe not peaking for a fight but always training.

Mike: They bring a world tag team title to MMA, and you are in the tournament… who do you want as your partner?
Shane: My wife or anyone of my teammates because I know they have my back.

Mike: You get to be matchmaker for a day, what is one fight as a fan… you would love to sit back and watch go down?
Shane: How about an 8 man tournament in the Heavyweight division. Winner gets the UFC belt.

Mike: if they were to make a movie about your life, who should they get to play the role of Shane Carwin?
Shane: Actors are too small to play me...

Mike: That's all I got for you, anything you wanna close with?
Shane: Thank you for the time and the interesting questions. Thanks to my Coaches and Teammates, you guys are the best. Thanks to my sponsors Warrior Wear, Max Muscle, Muscle Pharm, Vandal, MTX Audio, CarnalDammage and my fans and supporters.

Mike: Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, and I look forward to seeing you fight again soon! Good luck man.
Shane: Thanks… make sure your readers visit my website it is an interactive social networking site. See you there.


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