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Efrain Escudero
- How did you end up being selected for TUF?
"When my coach at the time, Santino Defranco could not make the call, I was given the chance. Prior to leaving, my father became sick and passed away and he asked me to go on the show and to fight to win. I did that for him."
Rashad Evans
- You were the coach of the ultimate fighter, how did you find that and would you do it again?
"I would love to do it again. It is great to pass on your experience and knowledge to young up and coming fighters and to see your hard work prosper as they improve daily."
Kenny Florian
- You were in the first Ultimate fighter season, how much did that help your MMA career?
"I mean that’s the reason I’m here today, you know, that’s what started it all. That’s why I’m here in the UFC and originally I didn’t even want to become a fighter. I just wanted Brazilian jiu-jitsu and wanted to compete in something different and that was MMA. And ultimately it kind of opened up some box inside me that definitely got this passion for fighting and made me realize that this is really what I wanted to do."
Amir Sadollah
- How hard was it, staying in the house with a bunch of guys and having no tv/phones/or contact with the outside world?
"It was hard no doubt, but I actually believe it might have been better that way. When you have no access to your usual support network, and no outlet for the stress the only thing left to do is fight. Fight and get better, mentally as well as physically."
Brendan Schaub
- What did you think of being on TUF?
"TUF for me was a great experience and a chance of a life time. It’s something I won’t ever forget and I feel that I took advantage of the opportunity and ran with it."
Dustin Pague
- Take us through the whole auditioning process of what you went through?
"We travelled to Newark, NJ. We grappled first in front of Joe Silva and Dana White. Then when you were selected after the grappling you went on to striking. We did 5 minutes of mitt work with a trainer to showcase our standup. If they were impressed with you after striking, they selected you for an interview phase. These questions were super random to judge your expressions and see how you reacted."
George Sotiropoulos
- What was the hardest thing about living in the TUF house?
"The most difficult part of living in the TUF house was being with a bunch of guys that didn’t clean up after themselves, they trashed the house and I had to look at their mess every day. But I’ve stayed in hostels with strangers and lived in worse conditions. TUF was a piece of cake because I got to do what I love doing; training and fighting, so I didn’t really take much notice."
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