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FIGHT TALK - ROCKED - When Fighters Get Rocked
What does it feel like to be rocked? Well according to UFC MW Denis Kang, there are different types of being rocked, and he breaks them down for us well as hearing other "rocked" stories from other fighters including Gray Maynard, Thales Leites, Dan Hardy and Andre Winner.

Gray Maynard

“When I get rocked, I get a weird taste in my mouth and everything kind of goes white.”

“One time Forrest Griffin dropped me when we were sparring a couple years ago. It was just our coach Ron Frazier, me, Forrest, and a heavyweight that could only go about 1 min before he was tired. So me and Forrest went some rounds because the other guy couldn't spar anymore. Forrest got pissed while we were sparring as usual and caught me with a left hook, I think. I hit my ass and they said I popped back up immediately and tried to go after him off balance. Forrest just laughed and backed off."

"I can't remember how long I was on my ass for without them telling me!”

Thales Leites

“It's a very weird feeling; sometimes you don't even know where you are. (he laughs) It's kind of like when a TV gets out of sintony and then gets back real fast.”

“The first time I was rocked, was when I fought against Kampmann and he knocked me down, but I recovered pretty fast. The worst time was when I received the illegal knee during the fight against Marquardt.”

Denis Kang

“It depends man, there’s different types of getting rocked. There's the”:

"Get mad rocked, where you just wanna get even with the dude.”

"Oh shit rocked, where you don’t wanna take many more shots like that… or else it's nighty night time.”

"Puhleeaase! rocked, is when your opponent hits you like a 12 year old girl would, and you didn’t even know they hit you until watching the tape”… (he laughs).

"Drunkard rocked, is where everything is spinning and you just cant find your balance... like your drunk.”

"Annoying mosquito rocked, where your opponent hits really fast and with pinpoint accuracy.... but with very little power.”

Dan Hardy

“It kind of feels like your head is full of water, and you don’t have full control over your body for a second. From what I remember, it sounds like you have cups over your ears too.”

“The first time I was rocked, I was 7 years old. I was in a taekwondo tournament and I got kicked in the head. All I remember clearly was the smell of the mats, because I was on my knees with my forehead on the mat and my mum was screaming my name. It scared the hell out of me for about two years… but then I started competing again.”

Andre Winner

“I have never really been rocked too bad... I guess your body just feels off balance, but in your head you think you are still ok but can’t move right, and are kind of thinking what is going on? Why can’t I control myself here?”

“I got rocked a little once when I was hit with a good punch straight in my eye! It didn’t wobble me, but when I opened my eye back up I had bad double vision, and it made me feel sick. I had concussion and when I got home I just crashed out for a few hours. And lastly when I was around ten years old, I fell and wacked my chin pretty good... all I can remember was everyone asking if I was ok… and I was trying to push myself up but I could not move no matter how hard I tried.”

Kit Cope

“It's been a long time since my noggin's been rocked, but it leaves a lasting impression... It kinda feels like you're instantly a six pack deep. Then you've got to fake sobriety, like comin’ home late in high school!”

“The first time I ever got rocked was in a shootboxing fight in Japan against Ogata. Fortunately I peeled one off on him directly, and I'm pretty sure we faked it together.”


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