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Donald Cerrone
"I use to ride bulls professionally".
The Axe Murderer
Wanderlei Silva
"The old matchmaker in the UFC gave me that nickname because of my aggressive style".
The Iceman
Chuck Liddell
"I got it because I don’t get nervous before a fight. My trainer use to fight and he would get nervous before he fought".
The Dragon
Lyoto Machida
"My name Lyoto comes from the meaning of Dragon in Japanese".
Georges St. Pierre
"I got the nickname “RUSH” because in the beginning of my career I used to beat my opponents all in the first round, very early".
The Huntington Beach Bad Boy
Tito Ortiz
When I first started fighting in the UFC, I was cocky, in my mind confident, flamboyant, and had a lot of charisma. I talked smack and when I talked smack, I backed it up. I was from Huntington Beach and I had a bad boy image, the flames on my shorts, bleached hair, and some of the things I said. I spoke my mind and that’s when they gave me the nickname “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy”.
Thiago Alves
It was after my first amateur fight. It was a tournament and I had just KO’d two guys in it. When I went in the back my mom had just brought me some food and I was just so hungry that I grabbed it and went into the corner and was eating it, like... with just my hands. So my coach laughs and tells me that not only do I fight like a Pitbull, but I also eat like one. I was only like 14 years old, and they were calling me “The Pitbull”. I thought it was a little cocky, and was a lot for me to live up to... but it stuck with me.
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