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The Rise and Fall of Ronda Rousey

What makes a true champion? The success? The wins? The fame? The accolades? To a minute extent, but the character of a champion is shown in times of adversity, say for example, the demeanor and character of Dominick Cruz, witnessed in the post-fight conference of UFC 207, headstrong and ready to get back at it again. Considering all the smack talk pre-fight, he still didn’t lose much respect to the fans, because he kept it real, he believed in his abilities, he acknowledged his opponent’s traits correctly and made a game plan, when that plan fell short and he lost, he clearly did not back up at any moment and never showed any signs of weakness.

Now let’s rewind a year back, UFC 193, November 15th, 2015. Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm. When the bell rang, the first exchange fired up and Holly connected viciously, Ronda’s jaw gave up, so did her cerebrum, but she is still standing, her muscle memory comes into play, what does her muscle memory know? To grapple and grapple only, no matter how much Edmond Tarverdyan told Ronda that she is the female Mike Tyson and he is Cus D’Amato, she could not box, because she simply cannot, she has a false perception of her boxing skill set, she did the only thing her muscle memory is used to which is grappling, she lunges in to grab Holly, but a beautiful evade and combination by Holly connecting on Ronda’s face shattered her chin, unable to cope up with the pace Holly Holm put her on, Ronda got knocked out brutally.

A head kicked Ronda Rousey is flat on her face, backstage she is contemplating suicide. Her false perception of her own abilities shattered, she does not believe in herself anymore, her movement in the octagon showed how flawed her game plan was, non-existent. Ronda thought she could out strike a former boxing champion. She did not acknowledge Holly Holms traits, trash talk aside, a smart fighter always respects their opponent’s traits, but Ronda was told she is the best at striking too and her inflated ego believed it… and she paid for it. To think she could beat Floyd Mayweather and Laila Ali, makes me feel sorry for her.

The fans wouldn’t have been so unkind to her, if she had shown humility throughout her career. She went up arrogant and now comes down humble. She portrayed herself untouchable and the fans expected her to back that up every time she stepped in the ring.

All these facts do not take away her achievements in her career. A former Olympic Judoka and Bronze Medalist. She was the face of Women’s MMA and regarded as the “Baddest Woman” on the planet with a huge following behind her. Not only her impressive record before her decline, but numerous sponsorship contracts with major brands, roles in films like Entourage, The Expendables, Fast and Furious. In 2015 she was the third most searched person on Google. Tied with Connor McGregor as The highest paid athlete in the UFC. Millions of fans snowballed to her support. A dominator in her division, but a division of blinds, the term “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is the King” suits her career well, because it wasn’t long before someone with both eyes would see through the loopholes of her game yet again and claim complete and utter dominance over the division, which Amanda Nunes did on December 30, 2016 at UFC 207 by putting up a spectacular performance and yet again exposing Ronda’s level of competition. Amanda schooled Ronda and put the brakes on her in just 48 seconds. This defeat practically buried Ronda’s career.

Ronda’s run in MMA might be over, considering her feeble mental state. But the question is… will Ronda recover from this fall? Or is she going to retire once and for all?

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